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this is cute omg


匿名 said: also, there are certain scripts out there that you can put on your blog that block ip addresses?? you can also have them redirect to other pages so you can rick roll that loser or whatevs

OMG oh my gosh that’s so cute n funny oh gosh wow that is certainly an option thank u lovely u are rly helpful thank you !!!!!

匿名 said: I don't think Tumblr has a block option but if you put them on your ignore list it keeps your posts from showing up on their dash (at least I think so).

thank you!! I don’t rly have like a working computer rn so hopefully this can b done on mobile or maybe the dude will see my post n take a long walk off a short pier etc

Wow!!! Wow!! !! I just sent xiii-london (sleazy soft porn blog) a polite request to unfollow me and he responded by following my main blog too!! Wow!! What a trashcan!!! Such a waste of space of a person I don’t rly know what to say!!!! !!!! ! !! !! !! Hope ur having fun hope following scared & disturbed teenage girls against their will is a super cool feeling !!





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round 4 is here & with a semi transparent background folksjinkx-it get into it seeing as jerick is apparently where its at atm ((this is not a new development)) here he is pretty much serving u a god damn LOOK as in look at those eyebrows I’m going 2 pass out